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Data Center Design, Documentation,
and Diagramming with NetZoom

If you are a current user of NetZoom for Visio, NetZoom for AutoCAD, or NetZoom Premium, we have great news for you. We have combined these NetZoom products into an all-in-one solution, NetZoom 14.

NetZoom 14 offers all the features you love, as well as new features and enhancements, to increase productivity and streamline network and data center management. It’s an all-in-one application at a new, low price.
NetZoom is the premier data center management software used around the world that enables IT professionals, data center workers, A/V Designers and Installers, and professionals across all industries to generate network diagrams, document existing data centers, plan future data center design, and discover and manage their assets simply. All of this can now be done with one comprehensive application. Fast, simple, and professional, NetZoom sets the industry standard for diagramming.
NetZoom helps you quickly make beautiful and professional diagrams by providing the most powerful and easy-to-use Data Center Design, Documentation, and Diagramming software available today.

Asset Management Simplified

Manage all of your IT infrastructure and facility assets conveniently in one application. NetZoom offers a variety of automation tools, productivity tools, explorer panes, and ad hoc reporting which allow you to manage your data center assets with ease. Also featured in this version are device discovery and monitoring which are implemented through your choice of various methods.
At NetZoom's core is the World's Largest Device Library, providing unparalleled access to manufacturer specific Visio Stencils & AutoCAD Blocks, making it the must have companion software for Microsoft Visio and Autodesk AutoCAD users.
Make your day-to-day diagramming tasks simple with NetZoom! NetZoom consistently delivers quality when it comes to creating network diagrams, data center floor layouts, and rack elevations so you can have an accurate, true-to-life representation of your data center.

NetZoom 14 offers many new features that are often found in a full DCIM solution (Data Center Infrastructure Management Solution). Discover solutions for your data center and explore the possibilities with our free demo version.

Managing a large Data Center? NetZoomDC is just a click away.

Upgrade from NetZoom to NetZoomDC™

Managing a data center of 20 racks or more? Learn about our DCIM solution, NetZoomDC.

What is NetZoomDC DCIM?

NetZoomDC is a fully-scalable, enterprise Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software solution designed for medium to large data centers of 20 racks or more, enabling data center professionals to model, manage, monitor and maximize data center assets, space, power and cooling.
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