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Altima Technologies to Present NetZoomDC™ Enterprise DCIM at AFCOM's Data Center World in Orlando

NetZoomDC implements a Common Integration Framework for consolidation of essential data center information

Chicago, IL – October 16, 2014
Altima Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise Data Center Infrastructure Management solutions, will be showcasing the newest additions to its flagship product, NetZoomDC DCIM, in booth #800 at Data Center World’s Orlando Conference 2014. Conference participants are encouraged to stop at the booth to meet with an integration specialist and experience NetZoomDC firsthand.
NetZoomDC has a new Common Integration Framework that facilitates integration with other applications and technologies used in the data center like CMDBs, Hypervisors, and RFID Technology without requiring customized coding. “NetZoomDC already includes a very impressive set of capabilities and features for managing IT and Facility data center assets and capacity factors. In NetZoomDC 14.2, we have implemented a standard integration framework that enables easy integration with third-party applications to provide clients with a comprehensive view of the data center by consolidating information from existing technologies used on site to improve data center planning, management and decision making,” stated Sara Clark, President of Altima Technologies.
The NetZoomDC Out-of-Box offering has been enhanced with the addition of the Common Integration Framework and built-in integration to Remedy®, ServiceNow®, vSphere®, Hyper-V®, and RF Code™ sensors. These integration hooks enable customers to gain more control over their data center assets by leveraging applications already in use.
CMDB Integration with Remedy and ServiceNow
The built-in integration with popular CMDBs assures workflow consolidation between the DCIM asset management system and the CMDB’s asset tracking system. Users can track changes in the data center inventory across multiple systems without inputting data twice. Existing users of Remedy and ServiceNow will appreciate the unified end-to-end change management capabilities as well as the optimized placement of data center assets.
Hypervisors - vSphere and Hyper-V
NetZoomDC works with the popular Hypervisors such as VMWare vSphere® and Microsoft® Hyper-V®, enabling users to discover, visualize and monitor hosts and virtual machines within a single pane. The integration with hypervisors helps bridge the virtual and physical infrastructure gap of the data center while consolidating data from multiple sources into a single set of information.
RFID Asset Tracking - RF Code
Users who use RFID technology for asset and environmental management will benefit from the synergy of NetZoomDC with RF Code. With the RFID spatial awareness technology users get fully automated real-time asset tracking, accurate inventory, instant asset movement notification and real-time monitoring of environmental conditions integrated into NetZoomDC.
What is NetZoom DC Enterprise?
NetZoomDC is the most feature rich, fully-scalable, enterprise Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software on the market, enabling data center professionals to model, manage, monitor and maximize data center assets, space, power and cooling.
NetZoomDC empowers users with real-time insight into the management of the data center by answering the core questions "What is in your data center?", "How is your data center operating?", "What can be optimized?" and "Where are you heading?”.
“In a recent survey by IDC, over 53% of all companies that currently have a DCIM solution are looking for a replacement. With nearly 100% of NetZoomDC customers continuing and expanding their use of our software year after year, our highly scalable software is becoming the go-to solution for data center planning, management and optimization,” said Alan Schenwar, General Manager of Altima Technologies.
NetZoomDC Enterprise DCIM with the integration to Remedy, ServiceNow, vSphere, Hyper-V, and RF Code is immediately available. For more information, visit NetZoom.com or email Sales@NetZoom.com.
About Altima Technologies
Founded in 1995, Altima Technologies, Inc. is an Illinois corporation with headquarters in the Chicago area. Altima has been providing software solutions for data center asset management, monitoring and optimization since 2000. Altima’s software solutions are in use by more than 100,000 data centers worldwide. Its flagship product, NetZoomDC Enterprise, is a DCIM solution designed to manage physical and virtual infrastructure, power and environmental data and enable visualization and optimization of the data center capacity within a single pane of glass. NetZoomDC is used by leading global companies across all industries including financial, government, health, energy, manufacturing, travel, education, research, and IT.
For more information, visit NetZoom.com.
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