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Altima Technologies to Preview NetZoom™ 6 at GLOBALCOMM 2006
CHICAGO – June 5, 2006 - Altima Technologies, Inc. will preview NetZoom 6 at GLOBALCOMM 2006, the most significant upgrade to its highly-acclaimed network design and diagramming solution. NetZoom features the world’s largest library of equipment shapes and stencils for IT and Audio/Video diagramming from over 2,700 manufacturers including Cisco, Dell, HP, IBM, Elan, Escient, Lutron, and Marantz. NetZoom 6 adds a host of improvements that bring new levels of ease-of-use in search and customization to network design and diagramming projects.
“NetZoom is the best solution for designing and diagramming networks,” said Sara Clark, President of Altima Technologies. “NetZoom 6 makes it easy for professionals to not only find the network shapes and stencils they need, but it offers innovative tools that help them apply information important in the maintenance and optimization of their network infrastructure. The new features in NetZoom 6 redefine the standard in network design and diagramming.”
The Altima Technologies booth at GLOBALCOMM 2006 will be open during exhibit hours from June 5 through June 7 at booth # 36052. Live demonstrations of NetZoom 6 will be given throughout the show.
All-New Features Include:
  SmartShapes®: The latest library of intelligent equipment shapes and stencils. NetZoom's complete library features over 80,000 shapes from over 2,700 leading manufacturers of Computer/Telecom and Audio/Video components. NetZoom features the most popular manufacturers, including Cisco, Dell, HP, APC, Chatsworth, IBM, Sun, Elan, AMX, Escient, Lutron, Marantz, Mitsubishi, Sony and thousands of others.
  Revamped User Interface: NetZoom's completely revamped user interface is more than a pretty face. It is designed to let you get what you need and go. Searching for equipment shapes is fast and easy. Users can customize design projects dozens of ways.
  Device Property Manager: With NetZoom 6, users can make their network diagrams more useful and informative. Right out of the box, NetZoom's shapes come with common equipment properties important to all networks. With the new Device Property Manager, users can tag equipment shapes with data important to their organization. Using standard database files, users can add things like warranty information and asset location, unique to each and every project.
  Smart Update: Update shapes and stencils right inside NetZoom. Best of all, users can select individual manufacturers and product lines, updating only the equipment they need for their projects. Just click on the manufacturers and product lines you need and NetZoom takes care of the rest.
  Backup and Restore: With NetZoom 6, there are so many useful ways to customize the user experience, making it easy to find what you need and create network documentation exactly the way users want. Now, you can backup and restore user settings, your local shape library, project settings, and project databases. Whether disaster hits or you are migrating to a new workstation, Backup and Restore preserves all your valuable NetZoom data.
  NetZoom Web Services: Using the Microsoft® Office Research task pane, users can search and access NetZoom shapes and stencils within multiple Office applications. Whether you are writing a report in Word®, creating a presentation in PowerPoint®, or working off-site, NetZoom’s library of shapes and information is ready at your fingertips.
Pricing & Availability
NetZoom 6 will become available this summer with three different libraries: Universal, our all-in-one library of Computer/Telecom and Audio/Video shapes and stencils; Computer/Telecom, geared for IT network professionals, and Audio/Video, a library of the latest, most popular equipment shapes for A/V professionals. NetZoom is available as a renewable 12-month subscription that allows users to download free updates to their NetZoom library, free shape requests and technical support. Licenses can be purchased in the form of single-user, five-user, and ten-user packs. NetZoom 6 will be available for Internet download and users may purchase a Media Pack, which includes an installation CD, user manual and two shape updates shipped via CD. Visit www.NetZoom.net for pricing by subscription and user packs.
Free Upgrade for Current NetZoom Subscribers
As part of the initial launch, Altima Technologies will offer current NetZoom subscribers an upgrade to NetZoom 6 for free.
About Altima
Altima Technologies, Inc., founded in 1995, is an Illinois corporation with headquarters in the Chicago area. Altima has pioneered revolutionary solutions in the areas of network design, diagramming, and documentation, enabling IT professionals to more effectively design, manage and optimize their networks. Altima is recognized worldwide as the leading solution provider in these fields and offers custom shape and stencil solutions to clients and partners. For more information about Altima or to learn more about our customized solutions, visit www.NetZoom.net, www.AltimaTech.com or call 630.281.6464.
Press Contact
Sean Lindo
Altima Technologies, Inc.
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