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Altima Technologies Releases 3,000 Network Shapes
Comprehensive Library of Vendor-Specific Computer/Telecomm and Audio/Video Network Equipment Shapes and Stencils Chicago, Illinois, July 6, 2005 - Altima Technologies, Inc., a Microsoft® Visio® Partner and the leading supplier of intelligent equipment shapes, announces the release of 3,000 additional shapes in it's NetZoom libraries. NetZoom products enable users to create detailed network diagrams and presentations in a variety of diagramming applications including Microsoft Visio®, Microsoft PowerPoint, iGrafx, AutoCAD, netViz and numerous other applications. Altima Technologies allows its end-users to request additional shapes/stencils. If a user cannot find a shape/stencil they need Altima creates that shape in one to two weeks. "Networks are evolving at an accelerating rate. Those trying to keep up with the ever-changing technology understand it is important to maintain up-to-date and accurate information." Says Sara Clark, President of Altima Technologies. That is why Altima is dedicated to completing customer shape requests with ultimate precision and in the most time-effective manner possible. Altima Technologies partners with leading hardware manufacturers in its Manufacturer Certified Stencil Program, or MCS, to create exact replicas of their computer/telecomm and audio/video product lines. The manufacturer specific shapes are added to the NetZoom library after the hardware manufacturer approves each product. The MCS program ensures that the shapes and stencils are detailed, accurate and up-to-date within the libraries. "Our customers use Visio stencils extensively and having easily downloadable equipment shapes has been invaluable. Because Altima can quickly create new shapes as new products are announced, they offer the best alternative for keeping our library up-to-date. And, since we market through distribution, their email notification of shapes downloaded by customers provide us with better insight into our customer base." Raylene Kadrmas, Metrobility Optical Systems
Three product options are available for purchase. The NetZoom Standard Option is priced at US$399 per workstation. The NetZoom Professional Option (includes quarterly CD updates) is US$499 per workstation. Standard and Professional users may choose to use one of two libraries, the NetZoom Computer/Telecomm Library or the Audio/Video Library. The NetZoom Universal License allows the use of all NetZoom products, NetZoom Stencils for Visio, NetZoomAV Stencils for Visio, NetZoom Solutions and NetZoom AV Solutions is US$799 per workstation. All options include a 12-month subscription for requesting and downloading updated shapes, stencils and products. For educational/volume pricing or purchase orders, contact Altima Technologies directly at (630) 281.6464 or e-mail sales@AltimaTech.com.
About Altima Technologies, Inc.
Altima Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1995 as a computer software company, and is an Illinois corporation with headquarters in the Chicago area. Altima has pioneered revolutionary solutions in the areas of network diagramming, documentation, proposals, and presentations, and is recognized as a leading solution provider in these fields. For further information, visit www.AltimaTech.com or www.NetZoomUniversal.com.
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Altima Technologies, Inc.
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