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Altima Selects Distributor For NetZoom Solution
Altima Technologies Inc. Partners with Lifeboat Distribution to distribute and promote the NetZoom Solution and Stencils for Visio
Chicago, IL, March 9, 2005 – Altima today announced that it has selected Lifeboat Distribution, a leading distributor of technical software and development tools for it’s NetZoom Solution and NetZoom Stencils for Microsoft Visio.
The agreement furthers Altima's and Lifeboat's shared objective of providing the value of NetZoom to their customers without compromising quality and performance. NetZoom products enable users to create detailed network diagrams and presentations in a variety of diagramming applications including Microsoft Visio®, Microsoft PowerPoint, iGrafx, AutoCAD, netViz and numerous other applications. NetZoom provides IT professionals with one source of vendor-specific hardware symbols for creating accurate network representations. The partnership between Lifeboat Distribution and Altima makes it easy for Software resellers, VARs, system integrators and retailers to get the NetZoom diagramming tools they need now.
“Lifeboat is the reseller’s place to find network technology software,” said Sara Clark, President and CEO of Altima Technologies. “The partnership between Altima and Lifeboat gives resellers a unique opportunity to help their customers to dramatically improve the company’s network designs, network documentation, presentations and proposals.”
“Altima is completely focused on offering NetZoom products at competitive prices to resellers, VARs, system integrators and retailers through Lifeboat,” says Dan Jamieson the VP and GM of Lifeboat Distribution. “We are pleased to offer NetZoom products because they are an essential aspect of network planning. They provide professionals with each and every equipment shape they need to create an accurate representation of the company’s network.”
Altima Technologies, Inc., founded in 1995, is an Illinois corporation with headquarters in the Chicago area. Altima has pioneered revolutionary solutions in the areas of network diagramming, documentation, proposals, and presentations which enable IT professionals to more accurately represent their networks. Altima is recognized worldwide as the leading solution provider in these fields. For more information about Altima, visit www.AltimaTech.com or www.NetZoomUniversal.com or call (630) 790-0500.
About Lifeboat Distribution Services:
Lifeboat Distribution, a division of Programmer's Paradise, Inc. (NASDAQ: PROG), is an international wholesale provider of software development tools, utilities, and other technically related products to computer software resellers. The company provides pre-sale consultative advice, in-depth product information, licensing options, and marketing programs in support of its select group of technical software lines. Lifeboat Distribution services thousands of solution providers, VARs, consultants, corporate resellers, and retailers worldwide. For additional information, visit www.lifeboatdistribution.com.
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