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Altima Technologies Launches Altima Gx and Enters Global Software Development and Outsourcing Market
Creator of the NetZoom Products expands services to include Software Development Professional Services
Chicago, Illinois, June 2, 2005, Altima Technologies Inc. announces the launch of their new division, Altima Gx. Altima Gx leverages Altima’s software design and development expertise and expands the company’s professional services to include globally resourced development of commercial software and custom software applications.
Altima Gx consists of a staff of experienced architects and project managers along with a wide range of business and process development specialists. Altima Gx provides high quality outsourcing and development services to create an effective solution for each customer’s technical requirement. Altima’s customers appreciate the reasonable pricing and accelerated development cycle that is possible through this blended global approach to software development.
"Extending our local staff of experienced project managers and architects, our offshore staff helps us create a global network of business and process consultants. We are able to leverage people, processes, and business expertise to offer the finest and most cost-effective solutions to our clients," explains Sara Clark, President. "Altima Gx’s model allows companies to become more competitive in today’s world market."
"Altima Gx’s structure and working environment creates the ideal solution to supplement a particular project or completely administer all of your Information Technology and Software Development needs efficiently, timely, and most cost-effectively. Altima Gx’s software development teams provide unparalleled expertise in software architecture, application design, product development, execution of software enhancements and maintenance,” explains Gerry Mulloy, Director of Business Development at Altima Technologies. “We have proven experience designing and developing safe, secure solutions that carry you into tomorrow at an accelerated pace. Our clients are comfortable knowing our deliverables exceed project expectations - ahead of timelines and within budgets".
Altima Gx’s expertise in software application development spans many industries and technologies and includes their own NetZoom™ network diagramming software, EQServer® Technology and iShape™ Visualization Technology. Altima also has in-depth proven experience in database management, on-line request processing development, .NET architecture, graphic design, office automation applications, client-server applications, web applications, web services, data warehousing and systems programming. Altima Gx has assembled a diverse flexible workforce of premier Information Technology experts including industry leading architects, engineers and developers, and industry specific experts and consultants that span the globe.
Altima Technologies, Inc., founded in 1995, is an Illinois corporation with headquarters in the Chicago area. Altima is a Microsoft partner whose expertise in the software industry spans many fields and technologies including graphic design, office automation, database management, .NET architecture, client-server applications, web applications, web services, data warehousing and systems programming. For more information about Altima and the Altima Gx professional services, visit www.AltimaTech.com or www.AltimaGx.com or call (630) 281.6464.
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