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September 30, 2005
Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Company joins Altima’s Manufacturer Certified Stencil Program
Chicago, Illinois, September 30, 2005 – Altima Technologies, Inc., the leader in Network Diagramming, announces the addition of Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Co., Inc. to the Manufacturer Certified Stencil (MCS) Program. The MCS Program allows Great Lakes to offer Visio Stencils of their products from the Great Lakes website to anyone that wishes to use the Stencils in their network diagrams.
"We have had many requests over the years for Visio shapes of our products,” explains Darlene Means, Marketing Communications Manager at Great Lakes. “Partnering with Altima Technologies has finally made it possible for us to give our customers what they have been asking for. The ability to track the downloads also gives our sales team valuable follow-up information."
"Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Co., Inc. was a natural fit for our MCS program,” says Dustin Wicks, Manager of Altima Mx. “The stencils that are now available on the Great Lakes website will significantly contribute to any designer’s network layout or diagram. As a leader in the case and cabinet industry, offering free Visio Stencils of its products is sure to be a popular added resource for the customers, dealers and employees of Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Co., Inc."
Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Co., Inc. offers a large variety of products that protect and enhance the look of the electronic environment. In addition, the Company offers a full range of complementary accessory products, such as, stationary and sliding shelves, power outlet strips, cable management, and cooling devices. Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Co., Inc. is unique within the industry in that it continues to offer its customers custom design engineering services to meet their specific requirements.
About Great Lakes Case & Cabinet Co. Inc.
Great Lakes Case and Cabinet Co., Inc. is a woman-owned ISO Certified business, headquartered in Edinboro, Pennsylvania, that has been meeting the market demand for high quality cabinet enclosures, racks, and open-frame workstations for electronic equipment and networking environments since 1985. From inception, the Company’s Mission is defining customer satisfaction by providing them with value through the fabrication of high quality products, immediate turn-around on standard product orders, and an exceptional and extraordinary level of support and service.
About Altima Technologies, Inc.
Altima Technologies, Inc., founded in 1995, is an Illinois corporation with headquarters in the Chicago area. Altima has pioneered revolutionary solutions in the areas of network diagramming, documentation, proposals, and presentations which enable IT professionals to more accurately represent their networks. Altima is recognized worldwide as the leading solution provider in these fields and offers custom shape and stencil solutions to clients and partners. For more information about Altima or to learn more about our customized solutions, visit www.AltimaTech.com or www.AltimaMx.com or call (630) 281-6464.
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