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NetZoom ConceptNetZoom is the essential productivity tool for IT professionals, data center workers, and many other professionals.

If you own or operate a network, data center, or IT equipment, then you can have peace of mind by letting all of your network and data center assets be documented in one central place to simplify asset management.

NetZoom comes equipped with accurate and detailed Shapes and enables users to perfectly design future data centers and network concepts. NetZoom is not only for professionals engaged in managing data centers or network projects; contractors, consultants, and Audio/Video installers trust NetZoom for their diagramming needs. As a consultant you can be sure to present the most high-quality, true-to-life proposal to your client. Since NetZoom Shapes are so precise, they are the perfect accompaniment for any network, contractor or A/V installer’s project.

NetZoom offers many of the features of a full Data Center Infrastructure Management tool at a fraction of the price. Even the smallest of data centers benefit from using NetZoom for asset management. NetZoom puts DCIM class tools like importing from Microsoft Excel or Visio, Device Discovery and Monitoring, in depth reporting, and world class diagramming into your hands.

Here are just some characteristics of NetZoom users:
»  Managing 0-20 racks or few racks but a lot of workstations, printers, etc.
»  Looking to automate network diagrams with one click
»  Working alone or managing single user projects
»  Wish to monitor devices for network issues
»  Documenting and managing a network or data center as a third party for another company
»  Consulting on a new network or data center project
»  Managing Audio/Video projects
»  Needing High-Quality Autodesk AutoCAD Blocks for diagramming
If this sounds like you, and you want to learn how NetZoom can be the solution for your network or data center needs, then click here to schedule a demonstration.
If your current network or data center exceeds these needs, you may be interested in our Enterprise DCIM product, NetZoomDC.
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