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NetZoom Pro Mobile App

NetZoom Pro comes with a mobile app which helps you to track down your assets by scanning their QR or bar codes.

Download App Here

What Can You Do With The App?

  • Stay connected with your data center at all times
  • Near 100% accuracy of assets audit
  • Significantly more efficient asset management process
  • Reduced time of inventory collection and assets auditing
  • Automatic Audit analysis reports
  • Site Navigation
  • Device Search
  • Device Visualization: Front, Rear and Top views, Properties
  • Inventory Collection (Scan Barcodes & QR Codes)
  Apple iOS 5+ & Android 4+
Device Type
  Phone or Tablet
  Server URL accessible from Internet or access using devices on the same private network.

Site Navigation

Navigating your site as you perform at-the-rack diagnostics helps you locate the devices you wish to work on. The NetZoom Pro App provides a mobile access to your data center Site so that you can quickly make decisions on space allocation and network connectivity.

Device Visualization

The NetZoom Pro app allows you to fully visualize your racks and devices by providing Front, Rear and Top views, you can also view detailed Properties such as: Equipment Type, EQID, Manufacturer, Product Number, Slots, RU Position, Warranty information, Tenant and Capacity information such as used rack space, free rack space and custom properties defined by the user.

Secure Login

Log in using the same credentials you use to log into your web client URL and see who’s currently active. No need to create additional user accounts.

Asset Identification & Device Search

The NetZoom Pro App identifies assets such as: Racks, Cabinets, Devices, Modules and lets you search devices by keyword and scanning barcodes and QR codes so that you can view the properties and locations of devices as you look at them. Scanning a barcode with NetZoom Pro is easier than taking a photo. The user simply aims the mobile camera at the barcode and almost instantly, the inventory appears on the phone's screen.

Inventory Collection & Audit

NetZoom Pro automated the traditionally labor intensive asset audit process by enabling you to collect data center inventory directly from your handheld device. Just scan the barcode or the QR code on the label of your device to identify whether the device is “New”, has been “Moved”, is “Missing” or is “Matching” the inventory in your NetZoom Pro database. Users can also see the active Audit sessions as well as a progress bar of the devices remaining to be scanned.
The NetZoom Pro Mobile App is available for free and can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play.
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