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Classroom Training

Classroom Training Pricing

Training is organized and charged for up to five attendees or in multiples of five. Additional attendees will be charged on a per person basis, or in multiples of five. If you would like us to provide training on NetZoom or discuss pricing for training, please call us at 630.281.6464 Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM (US Central Time) or e-mail us at

Registration for Classroom Training

You must register for training with us at least two weeks in advance, and registration must be secured with a credit card. Cancellations must be made one week prior to the training date for a complete refund.
Registration will require the following information:
» Attendee Names and Titles
» Company Name
» Contact Information (Phone Numbers, E-mail Addresses, Mailing Addresses)
» Payment Information
» Dates of Training
» Topics of Interest

Requirements for Classroom Training

Training requires you to bring your purchased subscription number along with your own equipment, which must satisfy all the prerequisites of NetZoom, and must not have any firewall restrictions that may interfere with the application. Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Visio is highly recommended. If training is provided at the client site, you must also provide a high speed Internet connection.

Receivables for Classroom Training

Participants in classroom training will be provided a workbook and a flash drive with necessary files. Upon completion of the NetZoom training program, participants will receive NetZoom Certification.
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